Inauguration of UNIBAG Photovoltaic Plant

UNIBAG installs more than 500 solar panels in its factory to produce its reusable bags with self-generated solar energy.


UNIBAG, a leading manufacturer of reusable bags nationwide, has taken a major step towards sustainability and carbon reduction. The company has installed more than 500 solar panels at its factory, which will enable it to produce its reusable bags with renewable energy.


With this initiative, UNIBAG reinforces its commitment to the environment and the fight against the climate crisis, demonstrating that it is possible to produce reusable bags in a responsible and sustainable manner without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

The installation of the solar panels will enable UNIBAG to reduce its carbon emissions by 109 tons of CO2eq per year, equivalent to planting 5,014 trees. «We at UNIBAG are proud to take this step towards sustainability. We know that it is our responsibility as a leading company in the reusable bags sector to innovate in cleaner production processes and we are convinced that we can be part of the solutions to today’s environmental challenges,» said Eliana Moreno, co-founder and sustainability manager.


This plant, which was built by Flux Solar and financed under the ESCO program, required an investment of $160 million. It has an installed capacity of 286.72 KwP, allowing it to generate more than 400,000 kWh per year, enough to manufacture 20 million reusable bags.

The photovoltaic plant installed at Unibag supplies 100% of the company’s electricity consumption, both for its offices and factory, and also generates an additional 30% of renewable energy that is fed into the grid and sold to Enel.

The plant, which began operating in April, is producing reusable bags with 100% renewable energy, which are distributed in Chile, Peru and soon in Mexico.

UNIBAG adds value to its customers through its resource conservation business model, which considers the use of renewable raw materials, eco-design in the development of its products, the use of self-generated solar energy, post-consumption recovery programs that guarantee recycling for the end user, innovative products focused on circular economy, among others. «The benefit for our customers in choosing UNIBAG as a strategic partner is to commit to the implementation of sustainable practices that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, which translates into a more sustainable and responsible value chain,» says Marco de La Cerda, co-founder and General Manager of UNIBAG.

In addition, through Copec Voltex, Unibag will also incorporate two 7.4 Kw chargers for electric vehicles at its facilities, powered by renewable energy, which will also be available for collaborators and visitors.


On May 12, Unibag inaugurated this photovoltaic plant and also celebrated the company’s 10-year anniversary. The event was attended by the mayor of Colina, Isabel Valenzuela, who highlighted Unibag’s initiative as an example to follow and invited other companies to commit to sustainability through the installation of other photovoltaic plants and other actions through public-private partnerships.

Also participating in this activity were entities such as Sistema B, Corfo, CENEM, Seremi de Medio Ambiente, Consultora Santiago Slow, Agencia de Sostenibilidad energética and Agencia de Sustentabilidad y Cambio Climático. Its director, Ximena Ruz, highlighted Unibag’s business model and commented that this project is part of the guidelines set out in the Clean Production Agreement that Unibag signed with the support of CENEM and this agency.


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